Tuesday, May 12, 2009

12/03/09: K Road

Walked up from uni to K-Road today - hadn't been there in ages (have been avoiding shopping aka attempting to save money) - and hit up the relatively warm and sheltered St Kev's arcade. Walked into Little Black Crown and was super excited too see the amazing shoes and bags from Lost Not Lonely. I tried a pair of the beautiful Dusty Bootish on - have them coveted insanely since I first saw them in the autumn Fashion Quartlerly, and have been searching for wedge platform ankle boots forever so these seemed like the answer to my prayers... 

... Unfortunately because my feet are super skinny and flat, they fitted lengthwise but were ridiculously roomy. So disappointing! They did however also have some amazing bags - which don't need to fit anything. The Rural Post Bag is even more amazing in the flesh. Stunning.

I highly recommend going in and having a drool over the accessories.

Also went into Children Of Vision - I could linger over each piece in their for hours. The super nice James Dobson (of Jimmy D) even let me look at the brand new Romance Was Born lookbook of the (wearable versions) of the collection they just showed at RAFW. I think I said "ohmygod" at every page, sorry James. The whole collection is to die for. All of it. And I am so not usually a girly girl - but I totally LOVE this collection. Insanely cool nana/mermaid/slut style.


Kayleigh said...

hey did you happen to see how much the lost not lonely wedges were selling for?

Cindy said...

love the bag. i'm really into the bucket shape right now and that one has such cool details, def. drool worthy.

Emma said...

God sorry I can't remember off the top of my head, but I would hazzard a guess at somewhere around the $400 mark? maybe? sorry I cant be of more help. Maybe email Little Black Crown?

chelsea jade said...

yes! the elusive wedge boot!
hard to locate.
i've been looking out for a oxford type pair.
i know they exist because i was in the company of an amazing pair last year for my friend haneen's graduation show.
she had borrowed them and apparently they costed about the same as a small tropical island.

nice to see you on the bus!