Sunday, May 17, 2009

RUSSH May 09

Got, read (twice so far) and scanned the new issue of Russh in the space of two days! Infinitely better than my usual drawn-out magazine habits. Words can't actually describe how much I love this magazine, so I won't even try. The new issue is a stunner - I fell in love with the cover the minute I saw it online about a month ago. However those of us stranded in New Zealand have to wait nearly a whole month after our Australian counterparts to get our hands on it. So worth it thought.

This editorial is what I'd been waiting for... Breathtaking. The colours are gorgeous - the soft brown background, gentle lighting and her hair and skin colour are all so gorgeous. The featured pieces are to die for as well - soft tailoring, luxe metal details (zips! Lots!). That Christopher Kane scalloped dress is out-of-this-world beautiful and ethereal. Im still desperately coveting a chainmail-esque piece.. God knows where I'll pick something like that up. And don't think DIY is a viable option in this case.
The Rodarte looks gorgeous, as always. And I totally die for that hair. Constance Jablonski is a stunner.
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance
Photographer: Benny Horne

"Judy Is A Punk"
Shanay Hall is def one of my fave Aussie models -  and a frequent star of Russh. She fits their aesthetic so well. As soon as i saw the creamy pink jacket on the left I knew it was an Ellery - and was right. Bonus point for me. 
Photographer: Michael Corridore
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance

"Mix And Match"
God I wish my dressing table looked exactly like this... Seriously. Life would be tres complete! Unfortunately mines a hot mess of Liberty boxes and Bunnykins (yup.. I know.. Still use it even though I got it when I was two) bowls full of jewelry and makeup. And blonde hair everywhere - not very editorial worthy.
"Undercover Lover"
I am a total jacket/coat fiend... A few years ago I was strictly cardie girl, but my outerwear obsession started insidiously and has now undoubtably taken over. I love all kinds - blazer, leather, denim, army, pea etc etc. Love these three featured. The army jacket is such a classic - reminds me of the one I am wearing literally right now (just got home from work). The center one is a Karen Walker stunner - still in total love with her double breasted jackets from this winter.

"Joi de Vivre"


Héléna D. said...

J'adore tout surtout le dernier "joie de vivre"

Michael Oats said...


Spring Evening
Photographed by Michael Oats

I rellay hope you like it!


Chels said...

love the Judy is a punk!