Sunday, May 3, 2009

4/5/09: Alexa Chung

The Brit style icon has shipped herself stateside to the big apple - will be v interesting to see how her MTV show goes.. And if she can "save MTV" as some have suggested.

Love love love the Louis Vuitton look shes owning in the left pic - she fully makes it her own. Often when celebs are showing wearing a whole runway outfit the clothes wear them, but not here. Same goes for when Chloe Sevigny wore LV a while ago.
Source: Knight Cat


Cindy said...

agree two times about the lv. outfits she and chloe really pull it off. i can't wait to she how alexa does on mtv and if the us audience will get her sarcasm.

WREN said...

Take a look at wren's new lookbook, preview images are posted on the blog:
Starring: Alexa!

blackbook said...

i saw chloe sevigny wearing the outfit on the left....looked just as amazing on her too..