Saturday, May 2, 2009

Macaroni Penguin

The brand new pop up store Macaroni Penguin opened yesterday!Such a great concept, Ive been really interested in the success pop up stores have been having overseas in the likes of New York and London. Such a great way to combat the recession; win win for all parties creating it, and loved by the consumer as the short time period they are open means they stores are hot property the whole time.

Brigette and I went along to the opening last night. Were really impressed! Great stock (both current and previous seasons) from Karen Walker Eyewear, Kathryn Wilson, Sera Lily, Alexandra Owen, Twenty Seven Names and more. The masterminds behind it are Anna Fitzpatrick of Front Row Diary (and the late, great The Seen) Angela Crane (Pull Your Socks Up). 

I came home with a super comfy and great galaxy print tee dress from Twenty Seven Names (have been coveting galaxy prints for what feels like FOREVER). Brigette nearly died when she saw what is pretty much the last pair of Kathryn Wilsons' Toya boot in the country.. Unfortunately she left it too late and when she went back today they had gone.. Tres tragic, poor girl. Lots of the amazing Kathryn Wilson shoes were super discounted - am v tempted to go back and get myself a pair of the Tanesya flat chocolate lace ups.

Left to Right: Toya & Tanesya

I highly recommend getting yourself there asap. 9 Teed St in Newmarket.


stephanie said...

I love that you brought up Home and Away....when i was in Australia a couple summers ago I watched that show 24.7- i got so hooked right away! I really miss it lol!!


Anonymous said...

picture of the dress? =)

Emma said...

Yup for sure, will try and get one u as soon as I can - Havn't this weekend as I have worked the whole time and look haggard and tired haha.

Jessie said...

Cute blog! Wow are those heels on sale?! Always great to see an NZ blogger =)