Monday, May 11, 2009

Eighties Prom

I went to an "80s Prom" themed 21st on saturday night. Great theme! Everyone went to a tone of efforts (lots of hammer pants, so-bad-they-are-good adidas jackets, skinny ties, puffy dress and scrunchies. I was majorly bummed that between uni and work I hadn't had the time to source a disgustingly awesome vintage dress, so I had to make do and piece together something from my own wardrobe - worrysome somewhat that I had everything I needed? And that I pretty much liked my outfit? It was held in a hall and felt exactly like a bad school dance. Balloons, chairs around the edge, trestle tables with food and drink. The birthday girl is a music fiend and a bass player so the playlist was awesome.
Wearing: DIY studded denim vest, Skylark floral skirt, vintage docs, Supre sequin tube top, scrunchie.

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