Saturday, May 9, 2009


Its so nice to see a runway regular like Masha Tylena in editorial and doing an awesome job. Too often those quirky girls that do so well on the runway don't get picked as much for magazine work, but her wide eyed, startling beauty works perfectly for this cool, strong yet youthful shoot. Love how it blatantly plays with the act of playing dress up. Referencing knights and superheroes - but never being cliche or OTT.

This last shot is my favorite - I've always been a total sucker for anything referencing flags - especially those of the blue-white-red nature i.e US, UK, France etc (probably from way to much exposure to history as I grew up and to paintings like this).

Masha Tylena in Crash April 2009

Source: Model Couture

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Cindy said...

i really like this. what an interesting editorial. def. something we don't see often. she's a stunner too. i love the second set of shots, esp.