Sunday, August 30, 2009

RUSSH September 09

I was over the moon to get my Russh early this month - LOVING the subscription I got for my birthday (thanks girls!!) as it usually hits news-stands way later in New Zealand than in Aus.

The issue is a total killer and the cover alone nocks you for six. Its the 30th issue and celebrating 5 years of Russh - I can't believe it's been that long. I have been obsessed since it first came out. I read every issue about ten times and colour code everything with post-its; pink for things to scan, green for the things to look up more about later. Every issue is devoured.


"Paz For Peace"
Photographer: Stacey Mark
Fashion Editor: April Johnston

"Sara Emilia... In The Sun"
Love the warmth and sensuality of these. Tousled hair, summer tan - all bathed in a perfectly golden light.

Photographer: Steven Chee
Fashion Editor: Natalie Shukur

Fashion News
More Emma Cook for Topshop teasers!! I neeeeed every pair I have seen so far.

"Ali To The Max"
This editorial positively drips with strength, sex, athleticism and physicality.
The hyper-saturated colours of the background and makeup combined with the multitude of sexily futuristic textured white pieces are absolutely killer.

Photographer: Benny Horne
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance

"Boys To Men"
The divine Ash Stymest was interviewed about the male modeling industry - you can read about it on Isaac Likes as well as Isaac's thoughts.

Photographer: Dounia Benjelloul

In 1959 she watched while he self destructed..
I adore this editorial as well. Its a homage to Terence Malick's film Badlands - one of my favorite directors of all time, his Thin Red Line and The New World are in my top ten and are guaranteed to take your breath away and move you.

This editorial captures innocence, love, nostalgia and small towns all bathed in golden light - whilst also an ominous sense of danger.

I love this shot of a tattoo on tanned skin through ripped denim.
This spread has also made me want loafers even more - and to pair them with socks asap.
Also love that the now ubiquitous and awesome Louis Vuitton bunny ears make an appearance.
I will never tire of the simplicity, earthiness and many underlying references of perfectly beaten up denim and white tees. Iconically American, yet universally relatable. Classically manly yet accessible to females as well.
And how intense is that brooding shot on the left? The colours, contrast, everything capture the danger and appeal of his character.
She however glows with innocence, naivety, warmth, femininity. Her peaches and cream complexion is refreshing - and particularly radiates in that stunning Zimmerman dress.

Photographer: Derek Henderson
Fashion Editor: Stevie Dance



ha i have post its sticking out of all my russh's too...however not different colours for different things...must get onto that.

M I A N N said...

Hahahahaha I'm EXACTLY the same! Mine are...

Pink: Great writing
Yellow: Inspiration
Blue: Things to look further into