Monday, January 12, 2009

Operation Ksubi = VICTORY!

 Went to Black Box today!! And guess what I found??? The Ksubi Lace Jeans that I've been lusting after and raving about (here and here). And they had my size!!!! So what did I do? I lay-byed! Am SO excited. And poor (they are $435 in total - eek! Can't tell Dad - he will tan my hide!) They are so wearable though - and super comfy! The lace is stretchy and soft, and quite warm! And they have ragged hems, looks so beautifully rough. Yay! 

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Cindy said...

congrats they look so cool. i bet your going to think of a million was to wear them too. there's no better feeling then finding something you've been searching for forever. this fall i found a mulberry bag at a vintage show that i loved in the store but couldn't afford and thought about for years... i couldn't believe it.