Sunday, January 11, 2009

What we see and what we seem are but a dream...

I love the film Picnic At Hanging Rock (and book by Joan Lindsay) I've actually been to Hanging Rock! It was amazing - so beautiful and creepy (and I hadn't seen the film before I went). Definitely get your hands on the film (director Peter Weir is a genius - and he brought international attention to Australian film making, and is behind other great films like Dead Poets Society and The Truman Show). It is visually stunning; the heat is visible, and the wafting white cottons convey innocence and purity, and stifling, hothouse atmosphere of the boarding school is captured perfectly. The rock has a presence all of its own - oppressive, dominating, threatening, yet magnetic (literally and figuratively). Interestingly, film was actually shot with sheer fabric draped over the lens to give it that dreamy, ethereal quality.

This summer I want to channel Miranda and Irma in wafting white dresses, loose disheveled buns and natural makeup.

 Clockwise: Charles Anastase, Chloe, D&G, Karen Walker, Charles Anastase, Chloe

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