Saturday, January 10, 2009


I wore this to do errands with mama at local shops yesterday. The top is Karen Waker from her (Southern Hemisphere) Summer 08/09 collection "Angels" (loose silk that is sooo nice and cool to wear in this hot weather), and the shorts are vintage Levis I cut off ages ago. The denim blue goes really well with the blue flowers in the print of the top.
And today I wore this (channeling a bit of the Stella McCartney aesthetic - or so I like to hope). I love mixing pale, beigey tones together - especially in summer. The satin shorts from American Apparel are sooo nice and cool (today was v humid).
And this is the necklace combo I've been wearing lately..
My beloved jet plane pendant (birthday present form Mama - best EVER) is from Karen Walker.

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Cindy said...

i love your outfits, esp. the satin aa shorts i would have never guessed they were a.a. the way you've worn them. very cool