Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Angela Lindvall has seriously one of the best bodies in the world - pretty amazing considering she's a mum and one of the "older" models. By her own admission she had to "literally run up mountains" to get back in shape after her kids. I love it when they admit that, as opposed to "oh it just fell off with breast feeding and weekly yoga".

I've always loved this ed, so bright and strong and SO evocative of the 90s supes.

Numéro Issue #100 "Angela" Angela Lindvall 

Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


Anonymous said...

this is so graphic! it's got a little bit of the robert palmer "simply irresistable" vibe...

Emma said...

I so agree with the Robert Palmer vibe. I love the look of the palmer girls - somehow so dated yet so classic. Always a knock out.

Ash Fox said...

she blows me away. she looks like she is 20.