Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hair Ramble #2

God I have been tearing my hair out all day trying to upload the images for this post. Finally figured it was the colour profiles from Photoshop causing drrrama. And of course technical issues are great distractions from uni work.

So speaking of hair, I had a ramble the other day about the half (or more? maybe?) of me that is dying to lop of my hair into a scruffy bob. The rest of my is desperate for it to grow grow grow. Do I keep growing it? Am tempted to dye it darkblonde/lightbrown - am pretty much obsessed with this hair colour. Think young Brooke Shields circa Blue Lagoon and those Calvin Klein ads.

But am I ready to not be blonde? Have been for my WHOLE life. There is something heavenly about long, messy blonde locks. Typical of the iconic Chloe girls (as well as Chloe Sevigny).
 Or should I maintain what I have at the moment? Midlength, growing out, wavy/disheveled - but occasionally bordering on scarecrow when I am v lazy.
Wow this post has been the ultimate in distraction. And sleep calls, 5 hours before wakeup and deadlines tomorrow. But only two sleeps until my five week mid semester break!! Hallelujah!
Source:, The Fashion Spot, my scans, Model Couture


hélène said...

i had the same dilemma a few months ago... start by doing one thing (i.e. cut a bob) and see if you like it, then if you still feel lthe need for change, dye it! Or vice versa. There is something liberating about cutting your hair. Plus i feel like everyone has long hair, so it's a refreshing change, you'll see :)

Cindy said...

i say do the dye job. it would be great for fall and it would probably make your hair more healthy/shiny looking. i light brown will look great on you and make your features pop.

Anonymous said...

My vote is leave the length but go darker! def think u'd suit it :)