Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tied In Knots

I still can't stop wearing topknots. They are just the perfect solution to a bad hair day - totally rectifies when our hairs messy, knotty, disagreeable or dirty (with the help of some baby powder - perk of being blonde!). I love them when they are a bit messy and slept in, they convey a gorgeous, appealing and unpretensious nonchalance and realism. Childlike and innocent yet also a suggest a bit of trouble too.

They are in nearly every issue of Russh - always executed to perfection. Erin Wasson is undoubtably the queen of the knot - she even wore a big side angled one to the Met's Costume Institute Gala this year. I also love the cute buns done by Stephen Marr for Juliette Hogan's beautiful summer lookbook.
Scans: Russh May 08 "Sweet Liberty", Russh Nov 08 "Pearl", Russh March 09 "Aussie Uprising"


oriwa said...

i wish my hair wasnt so long! then maybe id have a shot at pulling this off! in the mean time il have to do plain messy buns, knots are just a no go. i love the way you describe them, makes me jealous!!

xx oriwaeditorial.blogspot.com

M I A N N said...

Ugh my hairs too long and thick to get away with a delicate ballerina knot. Cuss you Gisele for making me grow out my hair! Oh ps I caved in and got my roots done ugh I miss my regrowth already. Humph. Atleast I can leave it for way longer between washes xxx

Emma said...

aw you guys - make me miss the long long hair I had when I was a teenager.

ps miann i've caved to, welll my hand has been forced. Am FINALLY getting my mop cut and coloured in 2 weeks time. mother has been nagging me about it. and I am semi tired of feeling like a scarecrow. do you feel better having had yours done?