Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Goodies: Tv and Tweed

Picked up my Tv leopard merino leggings from Black Box yesterday. They are HEAVENLY. So unbelievably warm and comfortable - and surprisingly super wearable. The colours of taupe, grey and black means they go with pretty much everything.

On a cheaper note, I hit up my local salvo shop as well and got an amazing purple/grey/tan tweed oversized blazer for a cool $10. Super comfy and warm and with magically deep pockets. Handbag not required.

And I know these will def not be to everyones taste (my lil sister grimaced when I pulled them out of the bag) but i love these. Super cute!!! V similar to a pair I had when I was a kid. And $4... So I could not say no. 
Have been loving socks lately too - they are keeping my poor scrawny midget feet warm!


Luna Supernova said...

those leggings are fantastic. i'm loving all the great new zealand fashion blogs that seem to be popping up all over the place lately.

Cindy said...

great buys. love the leggings. so worth it.

M I A N N said...

You weren't kidding, the blazer IS great. And pockets! How I long for the day when I learn to manage getting around without a handbag.

Isn't is just so liberating not being restricted by a handbag?

Emma said...

Sooo liberating. Often I'm just a total boy in that all I want to take with me is keys, phone and eftpos card. Such freedom. Especially when going out at night. I get so sick of my massive bottomless leather sack of a handbag - gets embaressing bumping into people, and taking 2 hours to search for your wallet in stores.

Chels said...

lovee the leggings!

Stephanie said...

you look amazing!!! those leggings are fantastic on you & SO COOL!!!