Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fly Girl

I've always loved the romanticism, adventure and mystery associated with Amelia Earhart - a strong, pioneering woman bringing elegance to a dangerous, manly field. Who just disappears in the pacific. Classic and still a total mystery. So I pretty much died when Hermes sent leather, fur and goggle clad aviatrices down the runway for Fall 09. This all also explains why I have always strangely coveted a leather scull-cap.
Editorial: Harper’s Bazaar US July 2009 "Fashion Takes Flight" Heidi Mount by Peter Lindbergh
Collection: Hermes Fall 09
Sources: Fashion Gone Rogue,

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M I A N N said...

Those flying goggles are so desirable aren't they!! But I would have absolutely no idea how to even begin contemplating what to wear them with...