Friday, June 26, 2009

Stolen Girlfriends Club Summer 09/10 "No.8 Weapons Of Mass Destruction"

I had an appointment in Ponsonby yesterday - which gave me the perfect excuse to pay a visit to my beloved Black Box. While there, Zara Mirkin was a sweetheart and showed me the Stolen Girlfriends Club lookbook for their summer collection "No.8 Weapons Of Mass Destruction" (which I have been eagerly awaiting). Its relaxed, laid back, weird but sexy. Strong feel of Americana and classic staples like tees and denim that have all been twisted.

Fave picks would have to be all the starry denim pieces - you know me, I have yet to meet a star I didn't like. I really want the paneled bike shorts (same style as my uber comfy/warm plaid pants), the slouchy denim shorts and I secretly (well maybe not so much) kindof LOVE the shirt - it's just a little bit country, and just right.

Im a fiend for sheer at the moment, so love these sheer sleeved dresses

And love even more the sheer sleeved sweat dresses. I would literally live in these - to the point of embarrassment and awkward comments from people.
Loving the two toned denim jackets, and wondering if they are unisex? I usually prefer mens jackets to womens' thanks to my somewhat irritating broad shoulders (although they do make the wearing of awesome mens tees and shirts very easy - therefore I am grateful).

Speaking of menswear, I love the classic but twisted athleticism and prep of these. Those cream jerseys would be crazy wearable on balmy summer nights (I miss so much) and in the cold we have now.
Source: Zara Mirkin from Stolen Girlfriends Club

Ps: Apparently their winter collection is going to be awesome. Am sooo psyched already.


Anonymous said...

great collection, but as per usual SGFC have copied a range of sources- (emphasis on the 'stolen'). the denim jacket screams a. wang.
good to have a sneak peek though, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Have they no shame?!! just ripping off other designers. Get some integrity.