Monday, June 15, 2009

No.6 Winter 09

Many apologies for how EPICLY delayed this post is - have finally finished the semester and had time to scan etc. So have many great posts planned!

This is the latest (and greatest yet) No magazine - issue six. Loooved it. Great interviews, and the editorials were stunning.

The Kills
The long interview with The Kills that accompanied these cute shots was super charming and a real insight. Hince and Mosshart both have really wicked senses of humor. 


I pretty much died when I saw this editorial - such perfection. Cool and kooky and rock&roll and just awesome. Zippora kills as usual.

One of the best things about it is the details. Particularly love the lilac nailpolish and matching lips (has given me the guts to wear my lilac lippy with my already purple nails) and how sick the look with all the gold jewelry - tons of which is heavenly Karen Walker knuckle dusters.

Sarah Stevens

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M I A N N said...

Well I had my last exam on the 3rd (lucky me!) but it seems everyone else is still knuckling down. I haven't been able to get over those Zippora photos since I first saw them. Totally had to resist my hardest to do a post because I don't read NO magazine...