Friday, June 5, 2009

Chloe does Chloe

Our girl Chloe Sevigny has been nocking it out of the park lately - helped by some amazing pieces for the other Chloe.  I love those scallop edged blazers more and more every time I see them (even though I fell head over heels the minute they came out on the Spring runway). Also love Sevigny's Acne look on the far right - especially the hair (it divided people a tad from the sounds of it). The thing I love most about Sevigny is that she always looks relaxed, comfortable and like herself. But has fun with clothes and pushes the boundaries without looking contrived or forced. And she never looks over done.


M I A N N said...

U couldn't have said it better myself. I always wonder what it is about her that is so appealing and I think you got it spot on: The fact that she NEVER looks overdone.


hélène said...

looooove her!! I couldn't agree more with what you're saying!

Anonymous said...

she def has unique style. but i tend to agree w/ the fug girls about that pic on the left. the hat blazer formal shorts combo looks like some kind of alternate mary poppins...and not in a good way!