Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sneak Peek: Russh July/August Cover

Psych!!!!!! Russh's website has the new cover on it.. And their Twitter has a sneak peek of some of the pages at the printers. God I can not wait - counting down as of now. Though will have to wait the usual three decades after it comes out in Australia for our copies to cross the Tasman. So worth it. But I think my newsagent hates me because I always nag them about when it's due.
Source: Russh


Amber said...

Just visit Magnation in Queen St - they get everything super fast :)

Emma said...

Yup I go to magnation twice a week to keep super up to date - and torture myself with so many beautiful expensive magazines I want. We definately get it atleast 3 weeks after aus though.