Friday, June 19, 2009

Black & White

So I only just realised that (one of) the 21st I'm going to tomorrow night is black and white themed. This so should not throw me - I mean who can mess up a black and white outfit? I wear them a lot in summer - loose black tanks white white skinnies or cutoffs, simple, casual - and a bit tomboy. But being winter I pile on a million pieces of clothing when I go out - and I find if I limit them to black and white I end up thinking I look like a waiter/tuxedo/penguin/backstreetboy

Another prob - have zero black or white dresses that are appropriate for someone's 21st (too short, tight or casual) and I just feel way to rude wearing pants. Will have to have an intense wardrobe raid. Old faithful Karen Walker white lace top good def be a go! It's a lifesaver - and so so pretty, which always helps.

Featuring: Alexander Wang, Balmain, Daria Werbowy, YSL,
Scans: Russh September 08 "Jerry", Pop Fall/Winter 08 "Nun Head", Vogue Australia May 09 "And God Created A Woman"

Featuring: Balmain, Karen Walker, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson, Daria Werbowy
Scans: French Vogue April 08 "Simplement Couture" & Russh May 08  "La Verite"

Featuring: Balmain, Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson
Scans: Russh November 07 "You Look Hot"


rhesaXD said...

Oooh, I love the looks you featured. You have a great blog =D

-rhesaXD from

♥ fashion chalet said...

Very nice collages, especially the last ones from Russh. I love Cassie Gardner<3