Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lover: "White Moon Rising"

Lover's new collection "White Moon Rising" has finally surfaced! Tres excite. Have been looking forward to this since the teaser image appeared on their fab site. As always, the collection is impeccable. I have loved Susien and Nick's work since way back in high school. As much as the collections themselves, I love all the inspirations and influences that go into each; the back stories, music, cultural figures, films etc (I end up doing an intense wikipedia/library/itunes search after each one comes out).
White Moon Rising is inspired by "the bad seed" namely mesmerising and irisitable figures like "Yoko Ono and Bianca Jagger who entice and tempt men with their off beat beauty". Which is a perfect and intriguing concept as no one can deny how intriguing and hypnotic figures like that are. Whether we like it or not, we are generally all drawn to danger and risk - whatever form it takes; people, experiences, thoughts etc). 

Other influences are African Zulu rituals the films of Kenneth Anger. Both of which I'm loving. Ever since I was a little girl (and probably to my parents slight worry) I have been intrigued by the occult, paranormal and black magic (not in a creepy or weird way) more by the danger and glamour. Probably explains my obsession with velvet, pentacles and candles now. Have also been very interested in the work of Anger since reading Sway by Zachary Lazar - his films are insane trips. And will blow you away when you think of how long ago they first came out.

The opening and closing shots on their website are stunningly ethereal - so evocative of Peter Weir's Picnic At Hanging Rock (AMAZING film. Such a must see - and another childhood (and constantly enduring) obsession of mine. Thank god I have the video. It's v hard to find. Below are my favorite looks from both versions of the collection (accompanied by predictable excited rambling).

I love the prints used - sort of a love child of leopard print and tribal thats been put through a kaleidoscope.
As always, the tailoring is impeccable. Marries sharp yet soft perfectly. Im ding for that cream blazer! Has been on my Want List for forever.
As most of you know, I am a total velvet fiend. And the only thing better than velvet, is burgundy velvet. So I'm understandably totally coveting that dress. Leather shorts are also on my aforementioned list, and this pair looks pretty my perfect.
Every season the swimwear comes out I pretty much die. So so perfect. I hate pretty much all swimwear thats around - bright, terribly prints, o.t.t details etc. So Lover's comes as a sigh of relief. One of these summers I think I'll bite the bullet and treat myself to some. Not to taint with chlorine or salt water mind you. Will just live in them as daywear.

One of the things I love about every new collection is seeing how the pieces are styled for both hemispheres (same goes with Karen Walker's collection). Its twice as many ideas and inspirations. Spoilt for choice really! Us Antipodeans missed out on getting the fabulous Tallulah, but those of you up top did.

Expectedly, that blood red velvet dress looks killer (appropriate operative work? Haha) with opaques. Therefore I need it even more. The duffle jackets with detachable capelettes are also insanely cute. Much to my mothers dismay, I have always loved a duffle I blame the Paddington Bear I had as a kid - so therefore its your fault Ma!
Also on the vein of cosy (and v necessary) outerwear. I've been coveting their voluminous capes for a couple of seasons now. Pretty much a v stylish blanket, which would be perfect as I am totally cold intolerant.
Lover always do the most amazingly angelic white pieces (that always make me think of Picnic At Hanging Rock). Im totally dying for the dress on the left. It has shoulder cut outs! SHOULDER CUT OUTS!!! Need. Now. Wonder if they will be doing it for the southern hemisphere? God I hope so. I am a total sucker for a white dress in the heat of summer. V colonial. Best accessorised with a gin and tonic.
I can't decide which version of the black lace body con I like best? Dress or bodysuit? And to sleeve or not to sleeve? Im thinking sleeved bodysuit could be pretty amazing. Especially as I feel like I need a wardrobe stable like that right now.
Source: Lover

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I love all the outfits, your right the tailoring is amazing! Great post.