Monday, June 8, 2009

To Bob Or Not To Bob

So of late the bob has been insidiously creeping up on me... Even though I've been growing my hair long again for what seems like forever. As far as bobs go, I appreciate the sleekness of the Katie Holmes's do that has been oh so popular. But personally I love the blunt, scruff, tomboyish bobs that evoke childhood - overgrown boys hair or cut too short because "It will grow" girl hair. There's a nonchalance about - too cool to be polished. And a freedom and androgyny. 

I love the short, messily straight bobs sported by Kim Noorda and Anna Selezneva - especially with the grown out colour. Also love the scruffy platinum that Sasha had in what was my favorite French Vogue editorial ever. Also loving the scruffy overgrown fringes on Sasha and Anna.
Queen of the Scruffy Bob is surely Alexa Chung - hers has had many styles, but always in the same vein. 
But at the end of the day am I too chicken? And would it suit? I worry that a bob combined with my unfeminine figure (tall, flat chest and bum, broad shoulders) would just make me look like a gawky teenage boy?


crimzonite said...

A lot of critics of Alexa Chung say that her and Alex Turner look like gawky teenage boys together. Offensive? Indeed. However, Chung also laughs about the fact she thinks she sometimes looks like a gawky teenage boy, but if your going for a bob make sure your 100% confident or else it will show.

hélène said...

I was afraid to lose my femininity too if i cut my hair... but i did it anyway a few months ago and haven't looked back! It's kind of liberating!

M I A N N said...

gawky teenage boys are hot. What's even hotter is gawky teenage girls thatlook like boys. Androgony is so sexy its insane

Dee said...

Do it!

Hair always grows back, so if you aren't a fan just grow it out. x