Monday, June 29, 2009

Resort 2010: Karen Walker

These are my fave looks from Karen Walker's resort collection. Loving the asymmetric ruffles, the drapey, collapsed puff sleeves and the fabrics! Molten bronze, navy lace and sheer spots. Lovely. The jeans are also too cute.


M I A N N said...

Hahaha you have no idea how bad I used to be with Russh. I wouldn't let myself turn one page without reading every single last letter (even the ones they try to hide in the binding!). But now I'm really poor so any little free glimpse I can get is the bomb.

Ps I would look SO frigging huge in those jeans. Gah six foot models looking swesome in karen walker

Emma said...

Yeah those jeans would be a challenge for nearl everyone. but all her dresses and tops and skirts are sooo wearable. I see females of all ages and sizes around in her pieces and everyone looks stunning. I love that she does more loose cut things than other designers (I always feel self conscious in body con dresses). So you should def have a K-Dub try on session sometime! x