Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Matina Amanita: Mount Olympus

My heart ACHES for these. I pretty much had heart palpitations when I saw these. Have loved the jewelry from Matina Amanita since their Globetrotter collection. This is Mount Olympus and it couldn't be more perfect. I've loved greek mythology ever since I was a little girl (we had some awesome books and I heard a ton of stories from dad). God I NEED these rings. Words can't come close to describing.

Amor & Psyche Rings

Flora Rings

Griffins Claw Rings/Pendants

Cosmic Rings

Mediterranean Ring & Trojan Horse Necklace

Ionic Rings

Zodiak and Atlas Rings

Sleeping Medusa Ring, Artemis Necklace & Nemean Lions Earrings
Source: Matina Amanita


M I A N N said...

She won me over with her Totem collection and I still have print outs on my wall!!! Fucking can never get enough of this girl (and her sisters)

Cindy said...

gorgeous pieces. i love the talon rings so much.
such creative themes and amazing designs. a definite favourite.