Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vintage Russh

Was time-wasting on The Fashion Spot and came across some scans of some gorgeous editorials from old issues of Russh from before I discovered it. Tallulah features heavily (as always).

Russh Nov 05 "White Heat"

Im a total sucker for any shots involving daisies, so love these.

Russh #13 "Little Miss Sunshine"

Nice to see Louise Van De Vorst again - havn't seen her in Russh in a while! Love the crochet bikini, pity summer is gone - otherwise I would def be begging Mama to make me one.

Russh #13 "Live Forever"

Russh #14 "The Soft Parade"

21/03/09: Net-a-Porter

I've been in love with Proenza Schouler's PS1s ever since I saw one on an Olsen. The large python satchel would be perfection for uni!! Also love those pailette pieces that Stella McCartney did for Spring 09 - they remind me of the amazing Paco Robanne.
Clockwise: Proenza Schouler PS1 Large python satchelNARCISO RODRIGUEZ Asymmetric sheer blouse,  ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Leather woven wishbone shopper, ROBERTO CAVALLI Fringed leather gilet, Proenza Schouler PS1 Medium leather satchel, Stella McCartney Bondi pailette dress.
Source: Net-A-Porter

Monday, March 30, 2009

Karen Winter 09

The new issue of Karen is lovely. I got it as soon as it came out, but have only just had time to scan and play with my fave shots. The Malibu editorial is gorgeous - always love a limited palette of white and cream, with contrast in the fabric and textures. And love that my new Ksubi cutoffs feature in it - as do the nude version of my black lace Ksubis.. Represent!



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Weekend

God the weather was perfection this weekend, warm and still and tres sunny! And I had the weekend off work - so made sure I enjoyed it.

On Saturday morning I went to the Stolen Girlfriends Club sample sale that I mentioned. It was AWESOME. Picked up some things I have wanted for-ev-er. I find the trick with sales is only buy things that you wanted full price.

I got these insanely sick current season Stolen Girlfriends Club torn skinny jeans. And I mean skinny - so tight.
They fit like a dream!! Have never had jeans that actually fit everywhere - including my scrawny weak ankles and my ass (which is akin to that of a thirteen year old boy - and usually where pants are loose). I remember trying them on in Black Box a few weeks ago and loving, but not wanting to pay full price for jeans that I was scared of putting my foot through and tearing in half. So so glad I got them now though, have worn them non stop all weekend.

Got myself one of their mens tie-dye tees from their Summer 08/09 collection too. Such nice cotton, so soft. Mens tees always fit my so much better than womens. That should bother me, but it so doesn't.

Also got some hot little Ksubi cut-offs. Will def be layering these over grey wool tights as it gets chilly!

Today we went to Kraftbomb. I've been wanting to go for ages, but was always working the weekends it was on. It was fab! So inspiring, loved seeing so much amazing nouveau-craft. Such a resurgence. As the females in my fam are all a v crafty bunch we just loved it. The sis got a couple of the to-die-for cupcakes from NZ Cupcake Queen; caramel and redbull (redbull flavoured cupcakes! Omg! They were tres delish). We also got a gorgeous vanilla scented candle in a floral teacup. Too cute.

However highlight of le sunday was def me finally paying off my white lace Karen Walker top. So worth the wait. It is simply stunning.

Also tried on the grey jacket that I have been coveting since seeing it the show on friday night. Fits like a dream, perfect weight etc. Unfortunately its a bit out of my financial league, and would feel tres guilty putting it on the Birthday Wishlist. Ohwell!


Loving this blogger Gala.. Only just found her. Love her style!! 
And she has the perfect topknot. And sunglasses (a la Lennon/Olsen).
Source: am-lul

Acid, Cropped, Tied.

Love a good early-90s fashion trip.
Source: SRC783

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Oh dear god I want a boater so bad. They bring back childhood memories of Wind In The Willows, Anne Of Green Gables, Enid Blyton books, the boys from Brisbane Boys College who always wore theirs. I love the ones Marc Jacobs did for Spring 09; they look worn in and like they have been sat on or shoved in ones bag. Lover have also used them for their Sacred Hearts College collection - playing on the preppy/rebel vibe.
Left to Right: Marc Jacobs, Lover, Marc Jacobs. Hats from Google Images

Fit To A T

We all know I'm a sucker for sharp white outfits, so there isn't much I need to say. Love the Balmain shoulders. And the sharp, clean silhouettes juxtaposed with the big, fluffy blonde hair. And the Poly.

Vogue US March 2009 "Fit to a T" Natasha Poly

Source: Model Couture

Eco-Chic Winter Dance

I love the idea of Mid-Winter Dances and the American Museum of Natural History just had theirs - themed Eco Chic (they have a new Climate Change exhibition). Lots of Balmain - love seeing it styled off the runway. The fab Milla Jovovich looks stunning in burgundy velvet.
Source: Style.com
Background is a William Morris scanned by moi.

Beauty Editor

Fashionista have a v interesting interview with the Beauty Editor from Teen Vogue - amazing to read everything that goes into producing the beauty pages. Sounds hectic fun though!

Karen Walker Show: The Believers

Went to the Karen Walker The Believers show at Stephen Marr in Newmarket last night, and it was tres fab!! Everyone was dressed so well. Brigette and I spent the whole time pointing out outfits, hair and shoes to each other - props to the girl in "Fashion Toast Shoes", Anouk Rondel's perfect topknot (seen here on Isaac Likes) and pretty much everyone. Lovely pinot noir also. And much thanks to Murray at Showroom 22 for the invite!

The Believers is without a doubt my fave collection Karen Walker's ever done, and even though I've seen it a million times (from New York on Style.com, in the lookbook online, in store and in editorials - particularly loved it in the latest No magazine) it added another dimension seeing them styled, in motion and in the flesh.

Am dying to get one of the amazing jackets or coats - need it for warmth of course.. Perfect reasoning. All of them were cut so well, with lovely details like pleats and volume  and all moved so beautifully (which is a pretty special thing to find in a coat). I think the boxy double breasted grey is def my fave, but the tan jacket and coat look so much better in person - although they are trench style, they looked like wool and the colour had amazing depth.

This is print has definitely grown and grown on me, its so delicate and warm - and perfect in the beautiful silk. Anna Fitzpatrick was lucky enough to be wearing the beautiful one shouldered dress.

Didn't think it was possible, but I love the white lace fabric even more. All the pieces were so so beautiful and worked with EVERYTHING. Am going into the Newmarket store tomorrow to FINALLY pay off my to (second from left). Seriously can't wait.
Also loved that one of the adorable straw hats was included - they SO remind me of Puddleglum the Marshwiggle in The Silver Chair from the Narnia books. Except cute and pretty. Brigette and I think these would be perfect to be anonymous and mysterious. Esp with big dark glasses - maybz my beloved Helter Skelters oui?

The blue suit is just totally insane. And we both died for the lambskin gilets - particularly the grey one. So gorge, amazing contrast of textures.

Friday, March 27, 2009

27/03/09: Outfits, Sleep & Sales

So as you probably have picked up, I am not generally a fan of taking outfit shots - I always feel like a total dick, shy, contrived etc. And always look way to serious! But I am relenting tonight as the lovely Cindy of True North Style has specifically requested a shot of what I wore to the Karen Walker show, and she is a loyal reader. 

I've already had many a ramble about being v excited about wearing my new Stolen Girlfriends Club skinnies (they are basically a pants/leggings lovechild, so comfy and warm! And the tartan panels are v flattering) and my new Karen Walker skull-rope, and inspired by Balmain, Alexander Wang and some Tank and French Vogue editorials.
Wearing: Stolen Girlfriends Club Plaid skinnies, American Apparel Sheer bodysuit, Supre Tank, Country Road Darlene T-bar wedges, Karen Walker Jewelry (skullrope and jet plane) & faithful Tissot mens watch.

Ps: Will write up about the show tomorrow morning when I am not such a zombie - have had way to many 5:30am wake ups in a row this week and minimal sleep. Sleep in tomorrow! Also tomorrow (and sunday), for anyone keen (and you should be!) there is a Stolen Girlfriends Club sample sale from 10-4 at 11 Westmoreland St West, Grey Lynn. Excite!

27/03/09: Moodboard

Going to the Karen Walker show at Stephen Marr tonight - tres excite!! And have my new Stolen Girlfriends Club skinnies and Karen Walker skull rope to wear.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I. Die. That is all.
Source: Jak & Jil

26/03/09: Net-A-Porter

I am a total jacket fiend at the moment, so all these options would be so perfect. Soft oversized (wool! Warm!) cream blazer? Oui. Silver embellished and frogged jacket? Oui. Slouchy silk jacket reminiscent of a dressing going? Oh oui. Ps and will always love acidwash jeans, gold, studs and YSL charms. That is all.

You can never flunk out with a creamy white outfit. I like having some imperfect elements (eg fades, rips, texture or earthy jewelry) to stop it looking too stark and ice queeny (unfortunately easy when your a blonde).
Clockwise: Camilla & Marc Alabama mini dress, Sass & Bide Neon Nights ripped jeans, Acne Her Slash jeans, Emanuel Ungaro Macrame tassel belt, Church's Classic Burwood brogues.
Source: Net-a-Porter

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

You'll Be My American Boy

Hedi Slimane's work is a never ending inspiration. Especially  male shots. 90% of the time when I'm getting dressed, its my goal to look like an awesomely dressed boy. Love the grungy, dirty americana of these shots.
Hedi Slimane LOS ANGELES DEC 08 - 6

Source: Hedi Slimane Fashion Diary

Clap Clap

Wish my hair flipped like this...

Numero #88 November 2007 "Chiaroscuro" Kasia Struss

Source: Model Couture

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

RUSSH March 09

My darling Russh! It completes me - every page of every issue is a delight for the senses and the brain. Have only read this issue once so far, but put a side my uni work tonight (prioritise much?) to scan my fave pages from this issue.

Insanely tailored, architectural jackets. Futuristic yet very earthy. And mesh! Love.

Beautiful shots - washed out and golden - of some of Australia's best new designers (most of which I have rambled about already). 
Left to right: Rittenhouse, Tv, Karla Spetic.

I have never seen a bad editorial of the fab Miss Morton. She fits the (perfect) Russh aesthetic perfectly - as does one of their other faves Zippora.
Love the combo of surf/swim wear, futuristic tailoring, retro accessories and lacy/sparkly dresses. Somehow it so works.

Also love the letterman jacket from Lover's stunning Winter 09 collection "Sacred Hearts College".
Russh March 09
Source: Scanned by moi

Crimp et Noir

Reason #6 why Emma Needs A Crimper. And that Karl likes them, loves them as much as I do.
Source: Fashionista

24/03/09 - Net-a-Porter

I love wearing creamy pastels for winter - such a refreshing change from the usual black (although I love that too). There's something so soft and appealing about mixing nude and cream tones - then adding contrasting dark accessories. 
Clockwise From Centre: Pringle Of Scotland Silk blend gilet, Sonia Rykiel Chou-Chou baby bag, Sonia Rykiel Feather covered gilet, Stella McCartney Mesh basket sandals, Myla Evelyn silk shorts, Marni Leather platform sandals.
Source: Net-A-Porter

24/03/09 - Street Style

Love (as always) the combo of a beautiful fur with leather pants; this girl makes me wish I had dark hair - her outfit looks so more pulled together! Boys look good with preppy blazers, messy hair and hot boyskanky tightass jeans. More of you do please do this!! And of course there is the obiquitous pair of leopard pants - really need to get myself some so I can stop being tres repetitive for everyone!)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Extra Spicy

Loves these... Louis Vuitton "Spicy" from their crazygood Spring 09 collection. Apparently the shoe of Paris Fashion Week (bye bye YSL tributes - I am sooo over these, esp as everyone is ripping them off now). These are stunners. And would be a never ending source of amusement so much to play with! Would never get bored! The leopard pair are my faves.
Sources: Jak & Jil and Style.Com

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Love these crazy-hot worn in "burnout" pieces from Alternative Apparel. They would be perfect with everything; the tee with all my wierdass jeans.. And the leggings I would live in - love that they are patchily sheer.

Hedi Does Anna

Hedi Slimane shoots Anna Selezneva. Hedi is always amazing, and Selezneva is one of my editorial faves - love everything she does in French Vogue. These shots are just beautiful, so classic. Love the hair, loose white tank and dangling cigarette.

Erin Sells Up

Soo... Fashionologie has the news (via Style.com) that our girl Erin Wasson is having a GARAGE SALE and getting rid of a decade worth of stuff. 
Times like this I wish I lived in Venice beach... Well actually, I always do.
Image Source: The Selby

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Young Guns

Love me some Wang and Kane any day. Also loving the bi-toned lips! coral and pink anyone? Maybz worth attempting?

V "Young Guns"

Source: Fashion Copious


I've been lusting after floral docs for a while now... So just snapped up these babies on the Topshop online store - cann never find vintage pairs that fit my midget feet. So excited! I can't survive winter (even the pathetic Auckland ones) without boots - I have quite possibly the worst excuse for a circulatory system ever. But good excuse for tres cute boots, tights and socks oui? 
Source: Topshop

Russh Is Here!

It's finally out!!! I picked up my copy on my lunch break today - dying with excitement to open it (saved it till I got home). Am so glad I'm not going out tonight (epic-ly tired from last week and working all this weekend). Ah so excite!!! Magnation is definitely the saving grace of the mall I work at - and love their loyalty card!
Source: Russh