Sunday, March 8, 2009

PFW: Sophia Kokosalaki

The Fall 09 collection from Kokosalaki is so rock and roll; yet never falls back in to cliche or tacky. Love the cropped burnished metal boleros over skinny black silhouettes; the velvet + sheer + (holy hell I want those) studded leather pants.
There's a delicate, gothic femininity in the draped and gathered sheer black dresses.
Al lthough mostly quite dark, the collection had some standout lighter looks - amazing colour combinations of beige, mushroom and butterscotch (finished nicely with a slick gold belt). Love the sheer(ish) beige leggings - and that jacket thats visibly loaded up with beads on jewels.

The show was rounded off with some insanely covetable burnished gold pieces - creates a tough, somewhat antique feel (avoids the nouveau riche tacky glitz metallics sometimes evoke). The pattern and texture is insane - really evident in the fold of the dress of the first look. The fire-like pattern of the last dress is also really beautiful and unique. Love the middle look - heaven.
Source: Style.Com

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