Friday, March 6, 2009

MFW: Fendi

Karl has done it again, with another amazing collection for Fendi. The whole collection has a really great and juxtaposing luxury/apocolyptic feel - nice concept for the recession, if not realistic on the bank balance. The muddy pallet of blacks, browns and greys works really well - particularly because of the amazing textures in the collection. I really can't get over the fur-lined fur coat on Stam, nor the cropped fur lined jacket in the second shot. The breastplates (leather? maybe?) contrast beautifully with the fur.

Being a velvet fiend, I loved these pieces - especially the blood red dress on the right. The detail shots are sublime. The velvet headbands frame the face beautifully. You can really see the detail in the double-fur jacket and also the contrasting textures in the third shot.

The booties are just to die for. Amazing heel shapes, fur trimmed, rough leather finish and ankle cut outs that flash some skin.
Love the tweedy bag with leather details, and I'm sure I don't need to go on (again and again) about why I love furry bags.


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