Saturday, March 28, 2009

Karen Walker Show: The Believers

Went to the Karen Walker The Believers show at Stephen Marr in Newmarket last night, and it was tres fab!! Everyone was dressed so well. Brigette and I spent the whole time pointing out outfits, hair and shoes to each other - props to the girl in "Fashion Toast Shoes", Anouk Rondel's perfect topknot (seen here on Isaac Likes) and pretty much everyone. Lovely pinot noir also. And much thanks to Murray at Showroom 22 for the invite!

The Believers is without a doubt my fave collection Karen Walker's ever done, and even though I've seen it a million times (from New York on, in the lookbook online, in store and in editorials - particularly loved it in the latest No magazine) it added another dimension seeing them styled, in motion and in the flesh.

Am dying to get one of the amazing jackets or coats - need it for warmth of course.. Perfect reasoning. All of them were cut so well, with lovely details like pleats and volume  and all moved so beautifully (which is a pretty special thing to find in a coat). I think the boxy double breasted grey is def my fave, but the tan jacket and coat look so much better in person - although they are trench style, they looked like wool and the colour had amazing depth.

This is print has definitely grown and grown on me, its so delicate and warm - and perfect in the beautiful silk. Anna Fitzpatrick was lucky enough to be wearing the beautiful one shouldered dress.

Didn't think it was possible, but I love the white lace fabric even more. All the pieces were so so beautiful and worked with EVERYTHING. Am going into the Newmarket store tomorrow to FINALLY pay off my to (second from left). Seriously can't wait.
Also loved that one of the adorable straw hats was included - they SO remind me of Puddleglum the Marshwiggle in The Silver Chair from the Narnia books. Except cute and pretty. Brigette and I think these would be perfect to be anonymous and mysterious. Esp with big dark glasses - maybz my beloved Helter Skelters oui?

The blue suit is just totally insane. And we both died for the lambskin gilets - particularly the grey one. So gorge, amazing contrast of textures.

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Cindy said...

karen walker is so amazing. i died when i saw that fur vest. defin. my favourite piece of the collection although you are totally right about the great coats and lace.