Saturday, March 21, 2009


I've been lusting after floral docs for a while now... So just snapped up these babies on the Topshop online store - cann never find vintage pairs that fit my midget feet. So excited! I can't survive winter (even the pathetic Auckland ones) without boots - I have quite possibly the worst excuse for a circulatory system ever. But good excuse for tres cute boots, tights and socks oui? 
Source: Topshop


Stephanie said...

i have circulation problems too- mostly in the heat though. total bummer let me tell you: my fingers and little stubby feet get all red :( its called erythromelgia.

anyhoo....I'm looking for a thrifted floral dress and haven't had any luck yet. I have some store-bought ones, but a thrifted one would be perfect. the hunt continues :)

I love that you chose floral docs. Man, the south pacific might not have access to things like American Apparel and H&M but I swear the fact that you can get Topshop goods delivered totally makes up for that- no Topshop access for Canada and based on the shoe selection alone, that fact is heart-breaking! lol

wow long comment! hope your enjoyed your RUSSH, I love getting the latest issues of my favourite glossys and flipping through them over a cup of tea and sweets or sometimes just a glass of bubbly :)


Emma said...

Im so glad I'm not the only one, It must be terrible to live through Canada winters? I get god awful chilblains and frequent numbness and bloodloss. V nice!

I always find vintage floral prints to be best, and love the classic liberty prints - have recently been "Borrowing" a big handsewn liberty shirt from mama, its fab!

Internet shopping saves my life, 98% of stores here are really quite terrible. The shoes are shocking.

Ive had to get the boots sent to an aunt in australia though a topshop wont deliver to nz. But where there is a will there is a way!