Sunday, March 29, 2009

Perfect Weekend

God the weather was perfection this weekend, warm and still and tres sunny! And I had the weekend off work - so made sure I enjoyed it.

On Saturday morning I went to the Stolen Girlfriends Club sample sale that I mentioned. It was AWESOME. Picked up some things I have wanted for-ev-er. I find the trick with sales is only buy things that you wanted full price.

I got these insanely sick current season Stolen Girlfriends Club torn skinny jeans. And I mean skinny - so tight.
They fit like a dream!! Have never had jeans that actually fit everywhere - including my scrawny weak ankles and my ass (which is akin to that of a thirteen year old boy - and usually where pants are loose). I remember trying them on in Black Box a few weeks ago and loving, but not wanting to pay full price for jeans that I was scared of putting my foot through and tearing in half. So so glad I got them now though, have worn them non stop all weekend.

Got myself one of their mens tie-dye tees from their Summer 08/09 collection too. Such nice cotton, so soft. Mens tees always fit my so much better than womens. That should bother me, but it so doesn't.

Also got some hot little Ksubi cut-offs. Will def be layering these over grey wool tights as it gets chilly!

Today we went to Kraftbomb. I've been wanting to go for ages, but was always working the weekends it was on. It was fab! So inspiring, loved seeing so much amazing nouveau-craft. Such a resurgence. As the females in my fam are all a v crafty bunch we just loved it. The sis got a couple of the to-die-for cupcakes from NZ Cupcake Queen; caramel and redbull (redbull flavoured cupcakes! Omg! They were tres delish). We also got a gorgeous vanilla scented candle in a floral teacup. Too cute.

However highlight of le sunday was def me finally paying off my white lace Karen Walker top. So worth the wait. It is simply stunning.

Also tried on the grey jacket that I have been coveting since seeing it the show on friday night. Fits like a dream, perfect weight etc. Unfortunately its a bit out of my financial league, and would feel tres guilty putting it on the Birthday Wishlist. Ohwell!


vali said...

Great finds, those jeans are fab! I went this morning, didn't get anything nearly as good, sadly. All the small sizes were gone, and not that much choice either :( should have gone on saturday!!

kiki said...

ohhh perfecttttttt top. soooo nice...i should get in on the laybuy game...i have actually never done it before...

coco said...

I keep meaning to rip on pair of my jeans but I always chicken out at the last min.

Stephanie said...


J' A D O R E!!!


Emma said...

Oh sweety they are the best! That way you can:
1 -afford more expensive things
2 - get the style/size you want before it sells out
3 - not use your credit card!
a few weeks ago i had about 6 on the go at once, but all are nearly done now (included KW top, SGC tartan pants, boots, present for my sister, merino v neck and a tan leather jacket)

Emma said...

I agree, but i sooo could not have DIYed this well, def worth purchasing to get this look I think. It has to be the perfect kind of denim etc.

Cindy said...

great buys! i can't decided which piece is my favourite. they all look great on you and the shorts and tights combo sounds lovely. i fully agree on the men's t-shirt thing. even when i get girls shirts i always buy them in medium or large so they fit oversized. it just looks better that way.