Wednesday, March 11, 2009

PFW: Stella McCartney

So I finally get to see Stella McCartney's collection - my macbook has been m.i.a for a few days (my gremlin of a kitten chewed through the charger cord - $150 later I'm up and running again). As usual, the collection is pure fab - girl can do no wrong. It opened with some of what I like to call Chubby Coats - they look insanely comfortable (I so wish for one to curl up in on the way to Uni in the winter). I particularly love the contrast between the coat and the leather in the first look.
McCartney can always be counted on to show some to-die-for blazers, and certainly didnt disappoint. Love the extra long lines. The grey is lovely and soft - looks stunning with white. And the brick/burgundy red one is surprisingly lovely (I've always associated red jackets with fox hunter, or Hugh Hefner.) I think the lines, cut and slightly washed out colour really elevate it to another level.
There were also som insane lace pieces - angular cutouts filled with soft, sheer-as-hell lace. So gorgeous - feminine, deicate, graphic, dark. I die for that last dress with the velvet bottom.
I'm never usually a bright blue girl (the colour really doesn't like me) but the collection had some really appealing pieces - that metallic blue biker jacket is insane. Wanted.
The detail shots really let the lace shine - love the lace panel of the hip/thigh of the dress on the left. And the how the looseness of the second shows the body lines.
The boots the went on for-ev-er are to die for. So hot and slick and would be so warm - I wonder how easy they are to get in to? Even better are the laser cut pairs.
Source: Style.Com

never in my life did I think I'd see ingrid sischy, kanye west, pink, beth ditto, paul mccartney & salma hayek sitting side by side. --b
paul McCartney is taking cell phone pics. --b
practically all of Stella's front row is wearing fur & leather... --b


Cindy said...

i think the last twitter comment is hilarious. fur and leather to stella?! she was the first designer i really loved. her suit jackets are to die for.

kiki said...

lovelovelove the lace peices....and you are right...the velvet bottomed dress is AMAZING.

Alisa said...

Outstanding collection of those dresses... Those are looking stylish and fashionable... Shiny blue dresses are my favorite!!