Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Vintage Russh

Was time-wasting on The Fashion Spot and came across some scans of some gorgeous editorials from old issues of Russh from before I discovered it. Tallulah features heavily (as always).

Russh Nov 05 "White Heat"

Im a total sucker for any shots involving daisies, so love these.

Russh #13 "Little Miss Sunshine"

Nice to see Louise Van De Vorst again - havn't seen her in Russh in a while! Love the crochet bikini, pity summer is gone - otherwise I would def be begging Mama to make me one.

Russh #13 "Live Forever"

Russh #14 "The Soft Parade"


Stephanie said...

oh TFS is soo good for time wasting lol.


Cindy said...

i love the last set i need to go through my back issues and scan some favourites. russh is the only magazine i dont cut up to scrapbook.

Emma said...

I remember in one issue a girl wrote in saying she bought THREE copies of every issue... One to read, one to cut up, and one to keep in MINT condition. She is my IDOL.