Tuesday, March 17, 2009

17/03/09: Street Style

This is insane. Im loving shredded/laddered things right now - and this red jumper is perfect. And the holey top skirt? Dragged through a bush and looking so good.
 Ohmygod. I die for these. So fragile yet so strong and sexy.
Source: Jak & Jil

Source: Cobrasnake


nuha nuha said...

the shoes are insane. when tommy ton mentioned that the heels slipped into the crack for a moment, i laughed completely. killlller shoes

Stephanie said...

omgod i die for those kicks as well!!! When I saw them (on jak&Jil) i must have starred intently at them for about 5 mins. gorgeous.


Emma said...

omfg i know.. if that was me i would have actually cried! Seriously!

Fashionology said...

WOW I love the first two pictures!! The torned T and skirt are so great! <3

Emma said...

I'm thinking DIY needs to be done?