Monday, March 16, 2009

Rope Around My Neck

When I was at work on Friday night last week, a girl came into the shop with one of the insane rope necklaces from Karen Walker's The Believers collection on - and it looked amazing. And I told her so, semi-embaressingly gushing.
Im fully regretting not purchasing one of these (she said they were now sold out). I could settle with one of the hair ties... But its just not the same as a big, intense rope necklace - that I'd def wear with everything. God I want. Oh well, have learnt my lesson.
Source: Karen Walker


Cindy said...

shopping regrets, i've had those. the tie dyed miu miu bag, a black french connection halter, an amzing eagle ring, the list goes on and on... you can always stalk ebay they way i do.

Emma said...

Oh that list makes me sad :( . The best way to prevent it i have now found is to say "naahwell" and just buy it when you see it (or layby) - way better than missing out or regretting. We only live once, and could be hit by a bus tomorrow (motto #5 of 09) so might was well treat ourselves now :D