Monday, March 2, 2009

MFW: Emilio Pucci

So I'm definitely not usually a Pucci girl, but the Fall 09 collection from Emilio Pucci's new designer Peter Dundas is to die for, but then again I am partial to a good fur and a skinny as hell leg. Style.Com mentions that "The lack of overt Pucci references—the kind that dependably evoke the label's Capri-in-the-sixties origins—was striking" - I agree and think it's a very good thing.

Clothes wise, great zip details on the pants, and the knit worn by Jordan Dunn in the fourth look has a life of its own.
Some great sharp little dresses too. The first would be a perfect winter party dress (plus opaques and boots), love the insane pink of the second, and the texture of the third. And love Natasha "the show doesn't start until I walk on" Poly.
Source: Style.Com


Stephanie said...

LOVED this collection and definitely noticed it's lack of staple Pucci colour references. It was perfection and I'd love to own one of those dresses.
Have you seen Gucci's collection?! Its to.die.for....and I'm (also) not usually a Gucci gal.

Emma said...

Oh me tooo! Nup haven't had a chance too look at it yet (so many new shows, so little time - trying to keep on top of it haha). I'll def go look asap though, I died over their Fall 08 collection.