Monday, March 2, 2009

MFW: Prada Accessories = Perfect

I wasn't that sold on the Prada Fall 09 collection, then again it's probably one of the ones that I'll go back and look at a million times as it starts to grow on me - then end up obsessed with it (happened countless times before). What I did absolutely die for however were their insane (as always) accessories.

The boots were out of this world; solid and intense with sueded details and slouchy, folded woolen tops (evoking socks no doubt) and then held up with leather straps and buckles. Perfect, refined use of the bondage details that have been such a strong look these past few seasons - and actually pretty usefull, no more awkwardly trying to pull your boots up!
Bags, as usual, were perfection. Love the classic ladylike bags in the bugundy - the soft leather stops them looking to hard and prim. But the glistening fur bag in the centre is by far my favorite.
The heels were in a world of their own - they look like the love child of a gladiator and a dinosaur. Literally so fierce. Im really liking this dino shoe trend (also seen at Christopher Kane's Spring 09 show).
Source: Style.Com

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