Friday, December 5, 2008

Bikeshorts.. Too Soon??

I spent most of the year living in leggings, worn with oversized mens shirts or tshirts. But what to do for summer? Bikeshorts! 90% loves the look (throwback to childhood, streamlined lower half under baggy top) and the comfort factor - and definately the "wierd but cool" element. That little 10% however wonders if its too soon? But theres a massive 90s resurgence at the moment, and I think when done properly they look really great. Will definately be giving them a try, have bought  a black and a white pair from American Apparel. First outfit will probably be the white with my cream tshirt dress (and heels/wedges - but they would look cute with flats too!)
Above left and centre are looks from Jaeha's Spring 08/09 LookBook, the right is from Fashion Toast. The shots at the top are from a beautiful spread in Russh (best magazine EVER) called "Pearl"

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