Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Loving: Altamont by Lover

Ive been obsessed with Lover's Winter 07 collection "Altamont" ever since it first came out.. And today I had another long lingering look through it, and watched the short film on youtube that went with it. Its a stunning collection, inspired by the Rolling Stones infamous Altamont Free Concert in 1969 and all the girls that were there "Waiting for Mick" - it's very feminine and girly yet earthy and rough. It totally captures the late sixties feel without ever being "retro" or "boho". I love the loose yet sturdy dresses with the woolen white tights and the long hair. Tallulah Morton is stunning in these shots - she embodies the Lover girl. I crushed on the brown dress in Superette (priced about $400) for sooo long... Then a few months later karma rewarded me and I found it in my size in vintage store Tatty's for $60! Fate! Perfect condition, and so well made.

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