Monday, December 15, 2008

Weather Confusion

The weather is crazy today! Super windy and humid; and one minute its cold and the next crazy hot! V typical Auckland weather - was a mission to get dressed today. Have found a good solution though, lovely black cashmere t-shirt (vintage mummy - merci mama!) comfy and just warm enough, without having to layer. Looks good with my Karen Walker acid wash skinny jeans too (they are quite hard to style, as they are pretty intense - and I live in the boring suburbs!)


discothequechic said...

this is such a fantasic outfit!

i actually thought it might have been a shot from a karen walker cruise collection or something (or the equivalent, at least, as she doesn't do them), until I realised it was you!

such original styling.

Emma said...

Aw sorry but you were right, it is from Karen Walker lookbook (i didnt have time to take and outfit photo - so figured I should at least acompany the post with a image of the jeans) - but i actually thing the outfit that I was wearing is better than the one pictured! Thankyou though! And sorry for the confusion!