Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little Brother Hearts Barkers

I'd been sad about the news that Little Brother was closing up shop.. But it turns out that all is not lost. 

I was chatting to the manager of my local Barkers (when I got my little paws on that skull tee)and we were having a rant about the economy and retail etc and after I mentioned the Little Brother news he was saying that Little Brother was instead going to be selling through Barkers (as well as their affiliation with the amazing Des Rusk). Its definitely a win win situation - Little Brother gets way more exposure (all the Barkers stores as opposed to the three LB stores) and barkers ups their sartorial ante even further. I cant wait to start buying LB@B (for moi of course - mens shirts are the only type I wear). The new collection will be in store in April, and Barkers is going to open up in High Street (I will still be loyal to my local mall version - ah the joy of working in retail).

Isaac Likes has a great interview with Murray Crane from Little Brother.

Ps: I heart menswear.

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