Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two weeks.. Fourteen Sleeps.. Jingle Jingle!

Christmas is two weeks away! Can't believe its come so quick. We have some of our stuff up, but I really must get the rest up (so much for my plan of being festive as of the first of December). At least all my presents are sorted (or laybyed), I've got Mama, Papa and the sister all done! And friend-wise just need to go purchase. Feels so good to have it all done, and love what I've bought - I think they will be v well received. We sat down and planned Christmas Dinner (exciting!) and Im starting to plan festive(ish) outfits for Christmas events (pre-xmas dinner, several fam and friends dos etc). Excite!


Anonymous said...

i love your posts

:) said...

I like your blog.

Emma said...

Thanks so much! :D