Tuesday, December 23, 2008

J'adore Russh (As Always)... C'est Perfection!

Heres a sneak peak at the new Russh cover (there are two diff ones for the next issue). It looks beautiful as usual. I love this magazine. Full stop.


Stephanie said...

We don't get Rush in Canada(well at least not in Montreal) but of late I am so curious as every New Zealander and Aussie can't stop raving about their addiction! Must locate a copy to satiate my curiosity.

Emma said...

I feel your pain :( words actually cannot describe how amazine/beautiful/inspiring Russh is.

Heres the link from their website for subscribing:
And it says they do international deliveries.

And they also had this link for US stockists:

Hope this helps!!


Cindy said...

i love this magazine. it's one of the few i don't tear up. and to stephanie we get russh again in canada. it was not available for months but i have the last two issues. check bigger presse internationals. :) or when you come to toronto, you can look through mine.