Sunday, December 7, 2008

Deadly Ponies

Both me and my sister are both crushing on these stunning bags by the crazy talented New Zealand label Deadly Ponies

She wants the Mr Sling (the picture doesn't show, but it has a leather strip wound round and round the base of the handle, and a bone hanging off the end) and I want Mr Flower Pouch (gorgeous cream colour with a deep burgundy sheer scarf - contrasts but doesn't clash). The leather is beauutifully soft yet sturdy, and they are slouchy and a dream to "wear". They also have the cutest names in the whole world (as you can see, I'm all about the names of pieces at the moment".

We found both bags in Superette, but also both found that we were very broke... So heres adding these babies to the christmas list.

Ps: This is the best sort of Mister to have in your life!

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