Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lets Do... Bike Shorts And Cut Offs

My bike shorts (and silky shorts - more on those soon) from American Apparel arrived last night! Wore them for the first time today and LOVED todays outfit. New skull tee, with bleached rolled cut offs (another DIY) and my white bike shorts. I love that the two pairs of shorts are nearly the same colour but not quite, and the white bike shorts emphasize the skull print on the tee. I also wore my patent black Darlene wedges from Country Road (they are FAB and super comfy and go with EVERYTHING). I love wearing a boy-ish outfit with heels/wedges and lots of jewelry. I also chucked my soft, oversized, brown Cue blazer on when I did my Ponsonby errands this morning and it really dressed it up - nice contrast between the casual, boyish shorts-tee combo and the dressier blazer.  


Amber said...

I wanted one of those skull shirts - only saw it in store once! Have you seen - they do rather cute fabric applique skull tees.

Emma said...

Barkers still has quite a few of them! You should definitley go check them out, I had to get my xs up from Invercargill though. Yup binkie is so cute! I first saw it on - really clever. Love how these skulls juxtapose with what they are made of (in that case retro floral fabric). V cute!