Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Fly Like Paper, Get High Like Planes

We went to Sale Street bar last night.. It opened not to long ago, and is the "Big, New Bar". The line was 45 minutes long (for a bar in Auckland thats a bit intense.. but we made it). We were really impressed with the interior - its huge and divided into sections really well (bar, dancefoor, loung, eating, leaners, outdoors). The lounge even has really good magazines! Artnews etc. Really fab floral wallpaper by the bathrooms too, will def go back soon and take pictures this time! We also went to Flight Lounge's Christmas party - was a really good night! Gotta dance the night away before Christmas fam commitments intensify. Am not too tired either (three hours sleep?) but am working till midnight tonight. Shall be interesting too see how it pans out!

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