Thursday, April 16, 2009

Viva Le Males

The New Zealand Herald's Viva from yesterday (always the highlight of my midweek) was the best its been in ages! Dedicated to menswear - which I love, and wear. 

V interesting piece on Stolen Girlfriends Club about their super successful branding and image.

"We did everything backwards, but I think we did the right thing about growing and establishing a brand, which is really hard these days," says Moore. "People don't realise that if you don't have a brand, you don't have anything. We stumbled across ours so to speak, but we did create a little bit of a following. People wanted to know what the name meant, what was behind it, it had this whole thing of mystery and interpretation as well and everyone kind of took ownership of it." 

 Their white safety pin dress from the current collection featured on, where blogger Rumi Neely declared them her "new favourite label". That's kind of a big deal when you realise that style websites and bloggers like Neely are quickly becoming just as, if not more, influential than mainstream fashion magazines.

And they have me v excited for the summer collection - two words: Robert Palmer! Robert Palmer!
we wanna do something different and surprise people'," says Moore. "The new summer collection is heaps more modern, with bolder colours and detailing, a touch more sophisticated. Think Robert Palmer videos."

They also had an article by Isaac Hinden Miller on his insanely admirable (and rewarding) efforts at Paris Mens Fashion Week. The dude seriously gets an A++ for effort and tenacity.

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