Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Under The Cherry Moon

I went into Black Box today and nearly DIED when I saw some pieces from Ellery there. Australian designer Kim Ellery (who used to work at Russh) has the most amazingly sexy, dark, glam, tactile collections. And the shots from the winter 09 lookbook are stunning. 

I couldn't tear myself away from one of the Ellery tanks in Blackbox - silkjersey and tercel, low arm holed, and overwashed black (browning). I die.


Love love these moody dark; inky black, deep rust and beigey pink.

Ellery Winter o9 "Under The Cherry Moon"
Source: Ellery


Cindy said...

so exciting. the backless sequin dress is so hot and the tank sounds amazing. i'm also so drawn to the ankle boots in the first group of pictures. this defin. has the russh aesthetic i loved when she was with the magazine.

i find aus/new zealand has such an amazing group of young/small designers. you're very lucky to have so much access to them.

Emma said...

Yeah we really are so so lucky, im constantly impressed. And its a testement to their talent that most of my favorite designers are from New Zealand and Australia - and love that i can realisticly access them (with a bit of laybying).

Love that people overseas see our talent too! And the internet is a godsend in promoting them!


kiki said...

ellery is amazing....one of my favourite australian designers..