Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RAFW: Camilla And Marc

The show from Camilla And Marc is def one of my faves so far. Gorgeous palette (and a constant favorite of mine) of creamy nudes, beiges and whites. 
Love contrast between the silks, high sheens, and crochet, yet done in harmonious colours. That dress on the far left is gorgeous and I am so wanting the crochet cropped top on the far right.
The killer looks however were undoubtable the black/denim/gold babies. A comment on Isaac Likes said it looks like "Balmain meets Wang meets Ellery" and she is so right. There couldnt be a sicker collection lovechild. I would kill for every piece in these looks - super luxe gold + faded, soft, ragged denim = most beautiful, wearable contast.


Anonymous said...

the fact that someone described it as balmain meets wang meets ellery is not a good thing IMO. i'm so sick of australian brands having no originality and no consistency year to year. how can you develop an identity for your brand if all you do is rip off ideas from europe. i think it's embarrassing...
love the blog by the way!

Emma said...

Thanks :)

Very good point too, and something that always has been a problem. And especially with the economy the way it is, unfortunately designers are going to be drawing from the trends that have proved popular (sell-able) overseas (ie shoulders, body con, etc).

Im loving watching the work of the bright new hopes for Aus design like Dion Lee, Tv and Ellery.