Friday, April 24, 2009

Marianne Faithfull

Not long ago I read Marianne Faithfull's autobiography Memories, Dreams and Reflections. I seriously recommend it - such a great read. Quite thoughtfull and perceptive. Her style in her from the sixties is a constant influence - perfectly encapsulating the preppy/bohemian look that came from their lifestyle and thats so iconic of that period in Britain. The big square sunglasses and perfect double breasted coats and jackets from Karen Walker are perfect.
Clockwise from Top: Karen Walker Crazy Deep Freeze sunglassesKaren Walker Fall 08, Lover Altamont collection, Karen Walker "The Believers" SH Winter 09, Ksubi Ishil Speckled Tortoiseshell, Lover "Sacred Hearts" Initiation dress, Karen Walker Aviator Jacket, Karen Walker Double breasted frock coat.

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