Sunday, April 26, 2009

26/04/09: Mary Kate

The girl can do no wrong in my books.  Love the loose floaty - lovely faded, aged look to the fabric. Im still seriously coveting a pair of Lennon glasses, and a perfect satchel. And even though these are just pap-snaps, the colours in the whole shots are gorgeous; brickwork, lighting etc.
Source: Olsen Files


Michaela said...

She's so gorgeous.

Btw, l o v e the blog <3

hugs n' kisses!

Miann said...

I suffer along side you in search for the perfect pair of Lennon's. I found some today in this random thrift store and I nearly fell over they looked so perfect. But they were FUCKING PRESCRIPTION LENSES. Today I died a little inside :(

Silvie said...

I love this and of course Ashley is awesome :)